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Technology and Catholic Scouting and Camp Fire

In trying to keep up with today’s young people, busy Catholic Scout and Camp Fire Leaders as well as parents, we have finally found another way to bring Catholic Scouting and Camp Fire to your house...in your computer. Not only are we in the process of updating our Catholic Scouting handbook on our website but we are also blogging and Facebooking! They are great ways to get connected to other scouts and scout leaders as well as keep up to date on the latest and greatest in Catholic Scouting and Camp Fire. Check it out!

National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire

National Catholic Committee on Scouting:

Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Scouting and Camp Fire Blog:


You can download all this information in one page following this link.

General News

The religious emblems program was developed as a faith development, not a religious education program. In many cases, the program provides experiences that enhance the formal religious education the Scout is receiving. It is not designed to replace the Scout’s participation in his or her parish’s religious education programs.

The program booklets for each youth award are available from the Office of Religious Education. Requirements and applications for adult awards are also available.  The Catholic Committee on Scouting was established to promote the spiritual, citizenship and character development of Catholics involved in the scouting program. Scouting is recognized as a very important part of the youth ministry program within the Archdiocese of Hartford. The Catholic Committee is responsible for:

  • Promotion and assistance in training Catholic youth and adults
  • Promotion of religious emblems programs and recognition
  • Training of religious emblems counselors and leaders in spiritual development
  • Promotion of scouting as a youth ministry for parishes
  • Providing spiritual enrichment for scouts through various activities
  • Recognition of both those who have completed spiritual enrichment programs and those who have given so much of their time and talent
  • Documenting all those who have been trained, attended functions and received recognition
  • Working with other departments of the Office of Religious Education and scouting community to help fulfill the needs of our youth and leaders.

The Office of Religious Education and Catholic Committee on Scouting have materials and services available to promote and enhance the programs within the Archdiocese. The goal of this committee is to enrich and nurture the spiritual needs of our scouts and leaders.

Catholic Scouting plays an important role in the development of our children’s relationship with the Lord and with His Church.  We are grateful for our scout leaders and for their many hours of work and dedication.  We hope that more of our youth and adults become involved in Catholic Scouting.  We also pray that almighty God may continue to bless the work of this important ministry.

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